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Quiz: Name all 133 players on the three Giants championship teams

There will be repeats. Little-known fact: Madison Bumgarner was all three.

just like we all imagined in 2009
just like we all imagined in 2009
Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Sporcle quizzes make for good #content, and I do forget that. Here is one provided by an intrepid Internet user, and it's deceptively annoying and hilarious. Name all the players who appeared on a 2010, 2012, and/or 2014 Giants roster. At one point, I just kept mashing the Uggla key in disbelief (option-U on your Mac.)

It's tougher than you think.

I got 97 before time ran out. Who I missed:

  • One verified postseason hero
  • An old cleanup hitter
  • Two members of the current bullpen
  • One former thing around here
  • A two-time reliever I shouldn't have missed
  • An All-Star!
  • Five other relievers/benchies I feel bad about missing
  • 21 random players I don't

With 30 minutes, sure, I get them all, don't judge me, you're not better than me. With 10, though, it's tricky. You'll see.

Note that you can just enter the last name for the quiz, which helps clear a few players off the board at once.

Happy quizzing! If you get them all, come back and make us all feel bad.