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Buster Posey holds million-vote lead in 2015 NL All-Star Game voting

Brandon Crawford is a distant second, but Norichika Aoki still has a chance to catch the injured Matt Holliday.

Buster: "That's okay. History will look kindly upon you, too" Yadier: "Snuh?" Madison: (to self) "Trucks trucks trucks"
Buster: "That's okay. History will look kindly upon you, too" Yadier: "Snuh?" Madison: (to self) "Trucks trucks trucks"
Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

After writing about the Royals and the curious All-Star voting, my entire weekend was spent listening to my phone buzz with "THANKS FOR SUBMITTING YOUR ALL-STAR BALLOT" emails. Some of them read, "You've voted just 25 times -- you can still vote 10 more!" and others read "You've voted the maximum of 35 times," and those were followed by 30 more emails. It was charming. Wish I had thought of annoying someone like that first.

No one knows for sure, but it looks like might be pruning a disproportionate amount of votes that have a Royals influence. Miguel Cabrera is leading at first base in the AL. Other second-place non-Royals are creeping up. This has almost nothing to do with the Giants ... except former Royal Nori Aoki is no longer in third place on the National League ballot, possibly as collateral damage. (Or, possibly because he's not one of the three best outfielders in the National League, but whatever.)

The news isn't all bad, though. Buster Posey extended his lead over Yadier Molina at catcher, and Aoki can still beat out the injured Matt Holliday for the final spot. Just ignore that he would also beat out Andrew McCutchen, who is a legitimate star and one of the best reasons for the world to watch Major League Baseball, and it's a dream worth having.

The updated voting:

Everyone's so focused on the Royals, but the Cardinals' voting game is strong, and they're the only team out of the 30 currently embroiled in a computer-related scandal. They also say that most of the desktops in St. Louis have the best fans in computing, so maybe that helps people stay on their computer more. Whatever the reason, Brandon Crawford probably isn't going to start, even if he's still very much in contention for a bench spot.

Posey's lead is substantial, and his general popularity and I've-heard-of-him-ness around the country bode well for his chances of being a starter for the first time since 2012 (!). There were actually four catchers on the NL All-Star team last year, and Posey wasn't one of them, which seems like something we should have complained about more, in retrospect. I get that he had a slower start, but on the other hand, he's literally Buster Posey and should be treated as such.

Posey up, likely to win. Aoki down, still with a chance. Crawford fading, still likely to be on the team. That's your All-Star update.

And now, I'm off to get a new email address. Vote here!