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Giants fare much better in second NL All-Star voting update

Buster Posey is now in the lead. Brandon Crawford and Norichika Aoki are not too far away from a starting spot.

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The first voting update for the 2015 National League All-Star Team was disappointing, at least by the Giants' standards. Even though the team was surging, the votes weren't following, and there wasn't a single Giants player close to a starting spot. Shame on you, I chided, while doing absolutely anything other than voting. Shame on you.

Ah, but our suspicions were confirmed. There is a healthy delay in the votes and when the updates are reported, so that surge wasn't counted yet. We'll start to get updates that reflect the goofiness of May, and here's the second one:


  • Buster Posey is now in the top spot for catcher, surging past Yadier Molina. I would be surprised if Posey didn't hold onto this spot for good, considering he's the Face of MLB or whatever

  • Brandon Crawford is surging. He's hot, baby, hot, and I ain't talking about the smoldering eyes! I have no idea why Jhonny Peralta is suddenly awesome and consistent, so he's a real threat. Don't forget that the Cardinals have the best f

  • Look at li'l Joe Panik, squeaking in there. I'll bet the next update has him a little bit higher, too

  • Norichika Aoki has a legitimate chance of starting the All-Star Game

  • Norichika Aoki has a legitimate chance of starting the All-Star Game

  • Norichika Aoki has a legitimate chance of starting the All-Star Game

My word, this sure is the Golden Age of San Francisco baseballing. While I'm all for a Posey/Crawford concerted get-out-the-vote effort based on merit, I'm now suddenly aware of the potential for Aoki to make the team, too. Turns out they have the Internet and computers and an undying love for Norichika Aoki in Japan, too.

I don't care about the stats. I just like watching the guy play. Luckily the stats are close enough to make it plausible.

He's a top-10 outfielder in the NL according to WAR and Justin Maxwell is top-15 so it's not that much of a stretch. When have small-sample WAR totals ever steered us wrong, other than all the time?

My guess is that Posey makes it, but I'm not sure about Crawford yet. He'll need to keep hitting, and he has a recent history of pootering out after a fast start, but it's not like Peralta is a homegrown hero for the Cardinals who will rally his supporters based on his personal Cardinals brand alone.

Either way, keep voting.

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