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Validating your opinion about the Giants

I'm here to help

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

You have been watching the Giants play all year, and you have probably formed an opinion about them. Perhaps you think that this team is bound to snap out of their losing streak any day now, or maybe you think that they're doomed because it's an odd year and they're playing badly and that's clearly going to continue forever.

I agree with you! No matter what you think, I agree with you, because I am nothing if not a shameless panderer. Here are reasons that you are right in your opinion about the Giants, no matter what that opinion is.

For optimists:

The Giants have the third best road record in the majors

You know what road records are correlated with? Playoff success. And if the universally beloved new Five Thirty Eight doesn't convince you, then maybe this will: Anyone can win at home. It takes  a special team to win on the road. These Giants have proven themselves to be that special team.

The health of Blanco and Pence will improve

Hunter Pence had a bad break (pun!) in Spring Training, and since then he's been fighting his way back. The Giants medical staff thinks there's a good chance this latest injury is just tendonitis, so there isn't any reason to suspect long-term effects, and besides, SOMETHING SOMETHING ALIEN PHYSIOLOGY JOKE. He'll be fine.

It's sad that Brandon Belt saw the ghost of Marco Scutaro yelling "SEVEN DAYS" and decided to concuss Gregor Blanco to save his family, but what's done is done. And while there can be lingering aftereffects from concussions – see Brandon Belt last year – it looks like that's not the case with Blanco. He's been showing improvement, and it looks pretty good for his brain to heal and for him to come back and spell Angel Pagan often enough that they're both effective players.

The Giants have the second best fWAR for hitters in the NL

They're hitting machines! The only two regulars with an OPS+ under 100 are Justin Maxwell and Angel Pagan, and when Blanco can spell Pagan and Pence can start in right, the whole lineup will be a threat. And considering the legendary pitching staff that the Giants have had since 2009, that means the National League had better watch out!

PLUS, not starting Casey McGehee will add at last 5 points to the team's wRC+. That's just science.

The Giants have a better record and Pythagorean record than the Nationals

The Nationals are loaded with talent! Bryce Harper is having a DESTROYER OF WORLDS season that will get him the MVP in Brunei's most prestigious sepaktakraw league just so he gets enough awards for the season he's having. Their rotation is loaded with talent too, and still, somehow, the Giants are better. Season's going fine, everyone. Really can't complain.

For pessimists:

The Giants are awful at home

You know who can't win at home? Bad teams. There are six teams in the majors right now with worse home winning percentages than the Giants, and not one of them is within three games of .500. That's the company the Giants are keeping, and sooner or later, a team that can't win at home – and we're into AT&T Park Was Built On Top Of An Indian Burial Ground territory here – will collapse.

Blanco and Pence's injuries have long term effects and they might never be the same

Yeah, yeah, make all the alien jokes you want, but Pence's new injury is related to the spring training one, and there's just no way we can know what will happen with it this year. He's like watching a duck dive into a swimming pool full of gold coins. Maybe you're watching Duck Tales and everything will be peachy! Or maybe it's real life, and he's gonna smack his head, and it'll hurt, and you'll wonder how you could have ever been optimistic about that. We can't know right now, but we can guess.

Blanco's had one good concussion test and we're all ready to jump on the "He's fine" bandwagon? Please. Belt passed his tests too last year, until he didn't. Blanco might not be right for weeks. Months. MILLENNIA. We just don't know. We can never know. And we can't count on him being all right anytime soon.

Besides, even if he was fine, Pagan would still start in center six times a week, and everyone here knows it

The Giants have the fourth worst fWAR for pitchers in the NL

Do you have any idea how bad they are? They're .1 fWAR better than the RED SOX, for god's sake. That's basically the same thing, and Red Sox pitchers have been a trainwreck being eaten by a dinosaur on top of an oil spill that's having a nuke dropped on it, except I'd happily pay $11 to watch that. And that's basically where the Giants are. Pitching wins championships, you know, so lack of pitching wins lack of championships. It's just common sense.

The Giants have a worse record and Pythagorean record than the Rangers

The Rangers? Before the season, Ben Lindbergh called them an "afterthought," SI's Jon Tayler said the rotation was "crippled" and the bullpen "a mess," and some guy at SB Nation called the Rangers  "a tragedy." And the Giants are less good. It's terrible. Everything is terrible.

For anyone else:

They're okay

They've played okay. Their record is okay. Don't worry. They'll be okay. And even if they're bad, that's okay. It's just baseball. You'll be okay.

Okay? Okay.