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How the San Francisco Giants have hit over the last calendar year

You know how the Giants have done this year. You know how they ended last year. Well, say, let's mash the two together.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

We're still at the beginning of the season, you know. The season is creeping toward the All-Star Break, and summer is almost here, but there are still over 100 games left in the season. We think we know what's going on in the 2015 season, but we're still dealing with just over two months worth of stats. We don't know what this stuff really means, man.

Which means it's a great time to look back at the last calendar year of stats for the Giants. As much as I would like to include the postseason stats with the regular season stats, these are going to cover the regular season only.

All of the stats are from FanGraphs, and here's a position-by-position look at the June-to-June Giants.


Buster Posey
1st in WAR (NL), 1st in WAR (MLB), .318/.373/.506, 23 HR, 6.5 WAR in 614 PA.

Is that good? Seems like that ... yeah, I just ran the numbers again. That's really, really good. Posey's second half last season was excellent, and he's off to a much better start this year, too, so we're looking at an excellent calendar year for him.

First base

Brandon Belt
7th in WAR (NL), 15th in WAR (MLB), .270/.346/.471, 11 HR, 1.9 WAR in 309 PA

He has about half the plate appearances of the players ahead of him, so this is actually a pretty good showing, especially when you consider that he plays at AT&T. Project that out to a full season, and it's a very reasonable and excellent season.

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Second base

Joe Panik
2nd in WAR (NL), 6th in WAR (MLB), .314/.364/.421, 7 HR, 4.0 WAR in 530 PA

You knew he was having a good season. You knew he ended the year well last season. There's something about stapling them together, though, that makes you realize, holy crap, this is really happening. After a decade of wondering if (Kevin Frandsen, Emmanuel Burriss, Eugenio Velez) was going to surprise the world, it was Panik, all along.


Brandon Crawford
2nd in WAR (NL), 2nd in WAR (MLB), .263/.338/.409, 11 HR, 3.8 WAR in 554 PA

Unlike Panik, this one is more buoyed by the hot start to this season, but it's still a very nice line for a shortstop of Crawford's caliber. Have you looked at shortstop in the AL lately? There aren't a lot of stars there, not yet. Carlos Correa and the next generation are coming, but for now, it's a bunch of teams wishing they had someone like Crawford.

Third base

Casey McGehee
17th in WAR (NL), 31st in WAR (MLB), .260/.330/.328, 5 HR, -0.2 WAR in 546 PA

Well, this doesn't count, so whatever.

Matt Duffy has hit .284/.326/.400 over the last year, with 5 HR and 1.2 WAR in 233 PA. That's much more reasonable/enjoyable.


Nori Aoki
9th in WAR (NL ... well, he would be), 22nd in WAR (MLB), .322/.390/.410, with 3 HR and 3.6 WAR in 536 PA.

Hunter Pence
23rd in WAR (NL), 49th in WAR (MLB), .269/.313/.431, with 14 HR and 2.1 WAR in 502 PA

Gregor Blanco
25th in WAR (NL), 51st in WAR (MLB), .266/.338/.396, with 6 HR and 2.1 WAR in 468 PA

Angel Pagan
7th in WAR (NL), 107th in WAR (MLB), .278/.309/.343, with 0 HR and 0.6 WAR in 411 PA

I ranked them against all outfielders instead of position-by-position because Aoki and Blanco have spent a lot of time moving around the outfield. And here we have the first really bad news of the calendar year. Pence hasn't done much (though he's still been a net positive, certainly), and Pagan is completely and utterly without power now.

Here's Pagan's last home run:

Maybe Michael Morse knew it was going to be the last one for a while, and that's Duane Kuiper noted that he was going back to get the ball. Such a good teammate. And look at how long ago that was. The Giants had only two championships. They had no idea, the rascals.

Overall, though, the last calendar year has been quite good for a lot of the position players. I'm not about to tally up the infield totals for the other 29 teams, but I'd be surprised if the Giants didn't have one of the very best C/1B/2B/SS/3B combos in the game, especially if you insert Duffy into the McGehee-sized hole, as the Giants have done.

There's still a lot of season left, but if you're wondering why the first two months of this season have made you confident about the lineup, it's probably because they've been doing this for about a year.