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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 5/4

When she said "Don't waste your links, they're just lies," I cried she was dumped

A simulation of Jon's feelings about today's youth when he finds out about Tinder
A simulation of Jon's feelings about today's youth when he finds out about Tinder
Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

And people say sabermetricians don't add anything!

Jon Miller is killing it on Instagram
Is it any surprise that Jon Miller's Instagram game is so strong? Jon can tell a story, he can tell a joke, he knows a lot of facts about boats . . . the man can do it all. So of course his Instagram combines behind-the-scenes information with tongue-in-cheek humor and curiosities that any Giants fan would find fascinating. You should follow him, unless you're not on Instagram, in which case you can go to his page sometimes and enjoy what he writes. In fact, even if you're on Instagram, that's still a good option. Actually, just do what you want. I support your decisions.


All Drafted Players Now Eligible To Be Traded After World Series
Obviously, MLB is just trying to make sure the Trea Turner situation doesn't happen again, which is good, since at this point he's just sitting in the corner, not going bowling with his teammates in San Antonio because who even cares about them. "Hey Trea, we're all going to Applebee's," Hunter Renfroe says. "You wanna come?" And then Trea has to diplomatically explain that he doesn't want that Padre taint all over him without using the actual term "Padre taint." It's tough for everyone.


Bill Miller Chalk Outline
Home plate umpire Bill Miller took a foul ball off the knee on Friday night, and his fellow umpires sensitively responded to his emotional needs by leaving a chalk outline with a hurt knee in the umpires' dressing room. It's good to see fellow workers coming together to empathetically treat each other with the tenderness they need in times of distress.


Giants' Brian Sabean watching New York Mets, Washington Nationals
CASEY MCGEHEE WATCH: MAYBE THE GIANTS WILL TRADE FOR DANIEL MURPHY. THIS WILL BE A GOOD MOVE BECAUSE HE IS NOT CASEY MCGEHEE. I AM FULLY BEHIND ANY MOVE THAT aw man this is just mean. I want Casey to do well. He's had a really tough start to the season, but he seems like a nice person and he's had some nice years in the majors, and I want him to have one more this year with the Giants. Do I think it's likely? No, not especially, but I didn't think Tim Lincecum would throw eight scoreless innings yesterday either. Anything is possible!


After two runners were hit by balls to end games, here are five bizarre baseball conclusions
Bizarre baseball miscellany is my jam, man. My JAM. Can you imagine how apoplectic this place would have gone if a Giants game ended like that Blue Jays one from 1993? It would almost be worth it happening, just to witness the world being burned down because it happened. I'm as much a fan of hilarious baseball as I am of good baseball, because I am a Bad Baseball Fan and I am comfortable with that.


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