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Giants blow late lead, lose 7-5

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Santiago Casilla had a rare blown save, and the Giants couldn't recover.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

And in the 52nd game of the season, the Giants had their first nauseating-blown-save loss of the season. If you're feeling sorry for yourself, well, read that again. There are teams that had two of those in the first week of the season. The Giants have done it to other teams this year. And here, with almost a third off the season gone, the Giants have their first.

When you put it in perspective, doesn't that make you feel better?


Yeah, me neither. The Giants had the game won. They were in first place again. They had taken three out of four from the Braves, and they were going to sustain that momentum into the Pirates series. All Brandon Crawford needed to do was catch a ground ball and flip it five feet to his left, just like he's done about 200 times in his major league career.

Instead, we're here and all kind of irritable. The Giants snatched defeat from the jaws of victory for the first time this year, at least in such an obvious way, and we're all looking for someone/something to blame. The events in question, in order of most excusable to least.

5. A.J. Pierzynski's doink

Listen, I know it's raw right now. You're emotional. That game sucked, yes. But just think about how you would feel if A.J. Pierzynski hit the ball into the water. Or roped a ball into Triples Alley. Instead, he blooped a ball into the ether, and while it still sucks, at least we can point at it and say "That, sir, is a bullshit hit from a bullshit human being, and I discredit its very existence!"

This hit helped the Braves win, and that's awful. But it could have been so much more direct. And it's not like it was Casilla's fault.

4. Freddie Freeman's home run

It wasn't a bad pitch. Down in the count, with a two-run lead, it was kind of the perfect pitch, right at the bottom of the zone. Freeman's just good.

3. Andrelton Simmons's walk

A list of players in the Braves' lineup who were unlikely to tie the game with one swing:

  • Andrelton Simmons

If there's one pitch Santiago Casilla wants back, it's that errant fastball that gave Simmons a base. I get not wanting to throw a meatball, considering that Simmons isn't completely without extra-base power, but the last two pitches weren't even close to tempting.

2. Jace Peterson's triple

Casilla threw a pretty jace sinker, when he really, really needed to throw a perfect one. You know Peterson was looking low in the zone, and Casilla got the ball up just enough. The first-pitch ball set up the confident swing from Peterson that ruined everything. It would have been a lot nicer if he had hit it on the ground, except ...

1. Brandon Crawford's error

Oh, the words of praise I had for Crawford after this game. He hit a ball so well, so far, that it was time to example just how many zeros were going to be at the end of his new contract. Instead, he kicked a perfect double-play ball. On Saturday night, Crawford turned a spectacular double play that looked so easy, didn't even put a highlight up. He put himself in position to make a snap throw to second, planting his right foot well before receiving the ball, and it was about 38 times more difficult than it looked.

On Sunday afternoon, Crawford had time to think, and that was the worst part.  "Doubleplaydoubleplaydoubleplaydoubleplaydoubelplaydoubelpalydouuelplarpdoopeldoopawnuts." It was as bad of an error as you'll ever see Crawford make, and it cost the Giants a game. If you think there was any doubt on if the Giants would turn it, remember that the opposing catcher was running.

And that's how the Giants lost a game they should have won. From last week:

My favorite Casilla factlet right now: The Giants haven't lost one of his blown saves since he became the closer. They've lost games in which he was brought into a tie game, sure. But he's blown two saves since taking over for Romo, including the postseason, and the Giants won both of those games.

Ferp. But if you blame me for the jinx, that means you also have to credit me for not jinxing any of the three championships. So I'm still way, way ahead.

If you still think Casilla is a villain and a problem, though, read that quoted part again. This game happens to every team. It doesn't feel good and never will, but let's not get reactionary, here.



Panik's isn't embeddable, but you can find it here.

Oh, those dingers should have nourished us. As is, it's still fun to watch them. Those are three homegrown players, three hitters who should be with the Giants for a few seasons, at least, and there they are spitting on the idea that AT&T Park is impossible for lefties.

The last time the Giants lost a game at home in which they hit three dingers was a year ago, in that unspeakable series against the Rockies. Things turned out okay that season, after all. I'm just encouraged that Panik can hit a ball that far. He might be really, really good, you know.


You can boo Juan Uribe now. Sorry about that. My mistake.


Madison Bumgarner was outstanding for five innings and then he wasn't and why are you still here leave me alone go away.