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A history of special Giants' Memorial Day uniforms

Makin' it work since 2009

Okay, you can't see the uniform THAT well, but Joe Panik is making a silly face, so that's pretty good too
Okay, you can't see the uniform THAT well, but Joe Panik is making a silly face, so that's pretty good too
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants played a baseball game yesterday, and won! Hooray, Giants! We're all very proud of you and no one on this site has ever said a mean word about Hunter Strickland. But, as it was Memorial Day, the Giants wore special PATRIOTISM uniforms, as you can see above. America, you guys. AMERICA.

These were not the first America uniforms that the team has worn on Memorial Day. In fact, wearing special clothes is a hallowed, longstanding tradition that has been going on for years now. So it's time for the one thing every sports blog needs: A FASHION SHOW



Our first model is Yusmeiro, and he looks stunning in a French Vanilla ensemble complete with camouflage lettering. It's just enough of a new twist on an old classic to really get your heart racing. But the outfit wouldn't be complete without the cap, which combines the iconic San Francisco orange brim with the military top. The Cubs had better watch out, because there's a new bear in town!



Up next is Madison, and you can tell he's about to call his number "Ffffreaking incredible!" He's come out in road grays with similar camo lettering, but what really makes his outfit pop is the hat. Entirely camouflaged with just that orange SF logo sticking out, you can tell that Madison is dressed for success!



Santiago is up next, and he favors the subtle approach. While at first it seems like he's just going with the normcore flow, in reality, he's paddling upstream as hard as he can. His everyday shoes, pants, and shirt may lull you into thinking you're not being taken on a fashion adventure, but just one look at the camo SF on Santiago's hat lets you know that you're in for a wild time!



When you think "style," you think Sergio! Trying out a bold new look is what he does best, and this is one of the most daring that you will ever see. From the high non-stirruped socks to the gray shirt that doesn't match the white hat, Sergio is here to show you that the true trendsetter is never afraid to show off tomorrow's style.



There's nothing conventional about Tim, so it makes sense that his look would be a little off the wall. The red, white and blue SF on a pure white hat is simply stunning, and its freakish originality is like a beacon for the fashion-starved among us. Come on over, everyone! This is your home.



Red is what's known as a "power color," and no one has more power than Jonathan! From the dugout to the pitching mound, Jonathan commands a room like no one else, and his fearless red hat lets you know who's in charge. This audacious look is sure to get everyone talking around the water cooler tomorrow!



Why did the Giants not play on Memorial Day in 2008? Some might blame MLB's schedule makers, but I'd point my finger at the fashion industry. They knew that they'd have to keep up with the San Francisco vanguard. They knew they couldn't. And so they ensured there would be no game. It was truly diabolical.



Okay, this one was just the schedule makers though.



God, that is repulsive. Every pixel of that picture offends me in an intensely visceral way. When I look at the uniform, there's this loathing that just consumes every fiber of my being, and

oh the clothes are fine the problem is just matt morris nm