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Giants win eighth straight, survive another late Rockies surge

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Stop doing that, Rockies. Keep doing that, Giants.

he's so freaking good now what is going on please help me understand
he's so freaking good now what is going on please help me understand
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

When the Giants lost eight straight games earlier in the year, they scored 15 runs. As in, 1.9 runs per game. But it felt like fewer than that, considering that six of those runs came in one game. It was a constant stream of runners on base, followed runners slowly jogging back to the dugout. The worst part was that it wasn't like the Giants were just going to do exactly the opposite for a couple weeks and even things out. That's not how things work. Just because a coin comes up head eight times in a row, that doesn't mean, et cetera, et cetera.

And here the Giants are, doing exactly the opposite. Runners on base, with two outs and two strikes? No problem. Especially when Brandon Crawford (hitting .163/.250/.372 just over a month ago) and Brandon Belt (hitting .217/.309/.267 with exactly three extra-base hits just 20 days ago) are coming up. Everyone knows we can count on them, right? It's what we've been saying all year.

The Giants are 16-5 in May, and they've scored an average of 7.6 runs per game during their eight-game winning streak. They lead the National League in batting average, and they're second in on-base percentage. Considering they're never going to lead the league in home runs, that's exactly what they're going to need to do for the rest of the year.

The Giants were six games out in the National League West after playing 14 games. That's hard to do! They're just a game back, and there's still a chance for them to tie before the night is over. Sometimes I wish these bozos would distribute the wins and losses normally. Sometimes, though, I guess it's part of the charm. What a weird season so far.


I'm not going to do a full recap, considering there's another game in just a few minutes. But I will note that it was good to see Hunter Strickland back. Even though I like to make jokes about his dinger problem -- as in, if Casey McGehee came up with two on against him, he would hit a homer and then pass the other two runners on the basepaths for a double play -- he's clearly talented enough to be in a major league bullpen.

If you've watched, oh, Jean Machi all season, you have to see that Strickland gives off a very, very different vibe when he comes into the game. I still believe. Don't pick him up in your fantasy league just yet, kiddies. But I still believe in Hunter Strickland.


There have been normal wins in Coors Field. I just can't remember them. I probably will never remember them again.

And after the last out in this first game, I turned the TV off (because I will FREAK OUT if there are any more Warriors spoilers in my life). That's when Gameday started messing with me.


And I assumed that the last play of the game was overturned on replay and that the Giants were still about to lose the hell out of that stupid game in that stupid (but beautiful!) chamber of horrors.