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Tabitha Soren has a photography and art exhibition that features several Giants

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The former MTV reporter has been spending years working on baseball tintypes, and several of them feature current and former Giants.

I remember where I was in college when I planned out my career path. It was the cafeteria, hunkered over a lukewarm bowl of macaroni and cheese. I took out a sheet of paper, sharpened my pencil, and wrote "One day, I will write about the Giants-related art that Tabitha Soren sends me" in large print. Then I put my head down, worked hard for a couple decades, and here we all are.

For the last decade-plus, former MTV reporter and current artist/photojournalist Tabitha Soren has been taking pictures of minor leaguers, with a focus on the players from the Moneyball draft of 2002. For example, you can see Nick Swisher when he was just a little bro here. She's also been working on some tintypes of some Giants in the majors and minors. Say, I remember this run.


This hit also rings a bell:


Here's a more recent event that I'm partial to:


These are all being shown at an exhibit titled "Fantasy Life" at Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles through June 6. Here's what Soren wrote about what she was trying to capture:

Americans take it for granted that someone who separates themselves is to be admired. Competitive sports illustrates the pursuit of that apotheosis, of meteoric success. But it also illustrates its antithesis — the inevitable decline, the destruction of the idol.

Considering that one of the above players is already retired (and there are a ton of Marco Scutaro shots, too, if you really want the embodiment of that idea), you have an idea what she's getting at.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, check it out. If you're not, thumb through the pictures at the above link -- there are some super cool shots and tintypes in there. The world needs as much engaging baseball art as it can get.