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SF Giants mock draft: ESPN predicts more starting pitching

The first round of the MLB Rule 4 Draft is on June 8, and Keith Law predicts the Giants will take Missouri State right-hander Jon Harris.

In our last dalliance into the world of Giants mock drafts, we discussed busted pitchers and '80s movies. Baseball America had the Giants going for Brady Aiken, and Baseball Prospectus had them going for Walker Buehler, both of whom are right-handers projected to start.

In ESPN's mock draft ($$$), Keith Law has them going for another right-hander, mock-picking Missouri State right-hander Jon Harris. A sample of his scouting report from elsewhere on ESPN:

Harris sits 90-94 mph, and there's reason to believe there's more coming as he grows into a frame that offers rare projection for a college arm.

Above-average fastball, above-average curve, a solid slider, and a changeup that might be something, but isn't much right now. That is a very Giants pick. Perhaps the most Giants pick. However, as Law notes in his mock, maybe that's our own bias shining through.

... they've taken a bat in the first round four times since I started doing these (Buster Posey, Joe Panik, Gary Brown, Christian Arroyo).

From Chris Crawford's Draftbook (which you can buy for $2.99!)

There are quite a few college arms with power curves this year, and Harris is no exception. It’s rarely in the strike zone, but there’s hard downward break and quality depth to the offering as well.


There was a time when Giants fans were conditioned to grumble about the inevitable starting pitcher. That's why a lot of folks just couldn't stop complaining about Madison Bumgarner, who somehow ended up being a better hitter than Beau Mills anyway. But those days are gone. The Giants need pitching, and a nice college pitcher would help the near future as well as the distant future.

Of course, that was the idea with Chris Stratton, too. So ...

Still, I'm on board. Pitcher ... hitter ... anything but a college catcher, really. Luckily, that doesn't seem like much of a risk.