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So everyone is going to start singing this Norichika Aoki fight song, right?

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We'll all meet for practice three times a week until we get this down.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to a valued Twitter user, we have important news: Norichika Aoki has a fight song, and it's probably something that all of section 138 needs to sing. Like, immediately.

Lots of players have chants and songs in the NPB, so it's not like Aoki was some rare hero who inspired the masses. Still, this seems important and desirable. The lyrics:

Attack! Aoki
Spray the ball to all fields, our lead-off hitter
Take off! Norichika
Take your chances
Hit! Hit! Aoki!

It's ... beautiful. And now the melody:

There are a lot of questions. Would it be more effective to sing in Japanese or with the English translation? What happens if Aoki is moved out of the leadoff spot? Who's going to pay for the lyric sheets that the Giants will need to hand out before every single game? Are we supposed to bring drums now, because that seems like an A's thing?

Still, here is a Norichika Aoki fight song, and it is glorious. Even if we can't come together as a fanbase and recreate this magic, at least it exists in the first place. Spray the ball to all fields. Take off! Take your chances. Hit! Hit! Aoki!