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Hunter Pence will play on Saturday

Do good things, Hunter Pence. Do good things.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, the alternate timeline if Random Cub doesn't hit Hunter Pence with a fastball. Do the Giants still keep Justin Maxwell? Does Pence help the Giants score the runs they should have been scoring? Is he bad enough to make everyone fret and freak out? Is he so good that he would lead the first All-Star Game voting update?

The alternate past is in the alternate past, man. In the future, we will have Hunter Pence. Good for us. From Andrew Baggarly:

Hunter Pence was en route from Las Vegas to rejoin the Giants in Cincinnati on Friday, I’ve confirmed. Pence won’t be activated in time for Friday night’s game but is expected to be back in the mix for the Giants this weekend at Great American Ball Park.

Well, Friday night's game is going to go 18 innings, and at some point ...

"Bah gawd, they're playing Hunter Pence's music ..."

Or maybe Pence will just start on Saturday.

The corresponding roster move shouldn't be that interesting, considering the Giants have three catchers and generally use only two. Indeed, John Shea hints that room will be made by optioning a catcher:

Hector Sanchez is not out of options, and considering that Susac is still the preferred catcher/pinch-hitter whenever Posey gets a day off (or a fake day off at first), he's almost certainly the choice. Right?


Regardless, let us celebrate the return of Hunter Pence, one of the more enjoyable baseball players I've ever watched.


Let us celebrate.