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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 5/14

Links move pretty fast. If you don't stop and dump around for a while, you might miss them.

Monte, seen here with Lou Brock, talking about being great
Monte, seen here with Lou Brock, talking about being great
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

These links have been hand-crafted by Peruvian artisans just for you. Perhaps you should try them?

Monte Irvin, 96, gets his Giants ring from Larry Baer, Bobby Evans
I love the way the Giants treat their legends. Love it. It's the best thing about the organization, and they once had Pedro Feliz play catcher. So of course they invited Monte Irvin to meet President Obama solely because he wanted to, and of course he got a ring, and of course of course of course. This isn't how every team does it, you know. Frank White, for example, was an excellent player if not a HoF-caliber one, but he's still estranged from the Royals. It's hard to see that ever happening with the Giants, and we should be thankful.

Also, the Giants have had hella Hall of Famers play for them, and that rules.


Renel Brooks-Moon Has a Major League Responsibility
Renel got a ring too! Here's another good thing about the Giants organization: they look for ways to treat people well. One of the ways they treat fans well is by having Renel in the PA booth (Check out that segue! I'm goin' places!), because Renel is an absolute delight. She's great in the ballpark, she's great in those Toyota commercials with Buster (who is also great), and she's great in general. I don't have a joke here. Renel is great.


The Current State of Bullpen Usage in 2015
Are you excited to read about a bunch of bullpen stats in which the Giants grade out to be...middle of the road? Pretty sexy, right? 10th in ERA, 19th in innings pitched, 12th in multiple inning appearances, and 13th in reliever appearances on zero days' rest! Better fan yourself, because it's getting hot in here. Yeah, that's right, we're going all Nelly on this bad boy, because how else can I express how big of a deal this is?


San Francisco Bans Chewing Tobacco in Sports Venues
Chewing tobacco is a gross habit. Watching people chew tobacco is gross. I am in favor of not watching people chew tobacco in public places. Now, this is more of a symbolic gesture than anything else, since it's not like anybody really gets a lot of good looks at Casey McGehee going to ick-town, but it's something. Side note: the reason I chose Casey McGehee for that example is that he has been playing badly and I am an unfair person. Sorry, Casey! Still rootin' for ya! Way to get on base twice yesterday, buddy!


Jorge Posada and umpires used to fart in each other's faces
This story has everything: baseball, farts. That's it. There's no third thing to make the list feel more complete. That's everything.


Hank the Brewers dog fails adorably at K-9 security training
Perhaps you are unfamiliar with my feelings about Hank. They can be summed up thusly: