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Buy a raffle ticket, help the Junior Giants, and win a World Series ring

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Buy two tickets. Buy 400. This ring just might rule them all.

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Boy, it seems like we do this every other year. Wouldn't it make sense to do it every year? I'm not in marketing or whatever, but maybe there should be a World Series ring every year to auction off. Would bring in money, in my opinion.

Regardless, there is a World Series ring to raffle off from last year, and the proceeds from the raffle will go toward the Junior Giants. Go here and buy a bunch of tickets.

You could win an authentic 2014 World Championship Ring, identical to the one given to Giants players, and it will be personalized with your last name.

Or Dan Uggla's last name. Just as a way to remind yourself that baseball works in mysterious ways.

The tickets are $2, but there's a minimum of five tickets per order, so it's $10 to have a one-in-a-lot chance to win a $5,000 ring. But it's more than just a ring with fancy diamonds, mind you. This ring will bring you power and success.

This is a good time to remind you all that two years ago, we all talked about what in the heck we would actually do with a World Series ring. Note that the option of sending Mat Latos pictures of the ring around the world still applies, even if it's a smidgen less relevant now.

We can still do it for Matt Holliday, though. We can always do it for Matt Holliday.

Support the Junior Giants, get an outside shot at a World Series ring. Sounds like a solid deal to me.