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The Giants' top-prospect lists for 2015, all in one place

FanGraphs released their organizational overview for the Giants' farm system, so the collection is complete.

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

FanGraphs released their organizational overview for the Giants on Opening Day, which means you might have missed it. It's most definitely worth your time. I love the work that Baseball America does and urge you to subscribe. I'm friends with the folks at Baseball Prospectus and urge you to subscribe. But Kiley McDaniel provides the best free prospecting on the Internet right now. His roundup doesn't disappoint.

With all of the major lists in, that means we can aggregate all of them and see their differences and quirks. Baseball America Baseball Prospectus FanGraphs Minor League Ball McC Community List
#1 Kyle Crick Andrew Susac Adalberto Mejia Andrew Susac Andrew Susac Andrew Susac
#2 Andrew Susac Tyler Beede Kyle Crick Tyler Beede Kyle Crick Kyle Crick
#3 Keury Mella Kyle Crick Andrew Susac Kyle Crick Keury Mella Tyler Beede
#4 Tyler Beede Keury Mella Tyler Beede Christian Arroyo Tyler Beede Christian Arroyo
#5 Christian Arroyo Clayton Blackburn Keury Mella Keury Mella Clayton Blackburn Keury Mella
#6 Steven Okert Adalberto Mejia Christian Arroyo Adalberto Mejia Christian Arroyo Matt Duffy
#7 Adalberto Mejia Ty Blach Steven Okert Steven Okert Mac Williamson Mac Williamson
#8 Matt Duffy Hunter Strickland Hunter Strickland Ty Blach Ty Blach Ty Blach
#9 Ty Blach Matt Duffy Clayton Blackburn Aramis Garcia Adalberto Mejia Clayton Blackburn
#10 Luis Ysla Christian Arroyo Ty Blach Michael Santos Steven Okert Hunter Strickland
#11 Clayton Blackburn Mac Williamson N/A Matt Duffy Hunter Strickland Mikey Edie
#12 Hunter Strickland Chris Stratton N/A Clayton Blackburn Daniel Carbonell Daniel Carbonell
#13 Chris Stratton Adam Duvall N/A Hunter Strickland Matt Duffy Adalberto Mejia
#14 Mac Williamson Daniel Carbonell N/A Ray Black Luis Ysla Steven Okert
#15 Cody Hall Joan Gregorio N/A Mac Williamson Joan Gregorio Ray Black
#16 Ray Black Aramis Garcia N/A Luis Ysla Aramis Garcia Aramis Garcia
#17 Aramis Garcia Kendry Flores (traded) N/A Dylan Davis Ray Black Adam Duvall
#18 Michael Santos Michael Santos N/A Chris Stratton Michael Santos Luis Ysla
#19 Adam Duvall Cody Hall N/A Chase Johnson Chris Stratton Derek Law
#20 Dylan Davis Chase Johnson N/A Ryder Jones Adam Duvall Austin Slater
#21 Skyler Ewing Luis Ysla N/A Daniel Carbonell N/A Joan Gregorio
#22 Joan Gregorio Steven Okert N/A N/A N/A Michael Santos
#23 Derek Law Derek Law N/A N/A N/A Chris Stratton
#24 Chase Johnson Ray Black N/A N/A N/A Ryder Jones
#25 Gustavo Cabrera Chris Heston N/A N/A N/A Cody Hall
#26 Ryder Jones Luis Castillo N/A N/A N/A Tyler Horan
#27 Tyler Horan Rodolfo Martinez N/A N/A N/A Gary Brown (waived)
#28 Kelvin Beltre Gary Brown (waived) N/A N/A N/A Gustavo Cabrera
#29 Austin Slater Logan Webb N/A N/A N/A Blake Miller
#30 Bryce Bandilla Ryder Jones N/A N/A N/A Dylan Davis

Consensus top prospect

That would be Andrew Susac, who might be up a lot sooner than we were expecting, depending on the status of Brandon Belt's groin. Which isn't a sentence I expected or wanted to type. The lowest Susac ranked was #3, on the Baseball Prospectus list, and even then the BP folks acknowledged it was something of a toss up at the top.

Divisive prospect

BP also bucked the conventional thinking and chose Adalberto Mejia as their top Giants prospect, 50-game suspension or no. Mejia didn't make the top five of any of the other lists, and he couldn't crack the top-10 in the McCovey Chronicles community list. We'll see who's laughing in 2018.

Top reliever

Steven Okert was the first reliever listed on four of the six lists, so even though Baseball America lists him well behind Hunter Strickland and Cody Hall, he takes the crown. The Giants' bullpen was solid on Tuesday night, so we can't even make fun of it, but Okert has a good chance of being the first reliever called up in a pinch, even above Strickland.

Biggest gap between McC list and the rest

Mikey Edie has your attention. None of the other prospectors seem to agree. I likey Mikey, too, so I don't blame you. Unless it's pronounced "Mick-ee," in which case I take back my clever rhyme. Edie is young and toolsy. From a Baseball Instinct post before he signed:

Mikey Edie is a possible 5-tool player who absolutely mashed at the 15-and-unders.  He has a good chance of sticking in CF and could become a 20-20 player.  His bat speed is excellent.  Edie has a very level swing that he moves through the zone quickly, creating above-average line drive power.

Yes, please.

This is the least consensus I remember for Giants prospect lists, especially at the top. I don't know which outfit is going to look the best in a few years, but at least we can all overrate these prospects right now and scream bloody murder when one of them is trade. That's the right of the baseball fan, and don't you dare take it away.