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Giants reportedly close to minor-league deal with Kevin Correia

Because of course they are.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants, having entered the season with a notable collection of innings-eaters and familiar pitching miscreants, have already dug into their minor-league depth. Why not sign more minor-league depth and mark off another square on your Returning Giant Bingo card? According to Andrew Baggarly, the Giants are close to signing right-hander Kevin Correia to a minor-league contract.

Correia was the first player from the 2002 draft to reach the majors, and even though players like Zack Greinke and Cole Hamels had more success, Correia will outlast them all, dang it. He was last seen with the Dodgers last season, where he posted an 8.03 ERA in nine appearances, including three starts. The 2011 All-Star (!) posted his last above-average ERA+ with the Giants in 2007. That was the season that prompted me to consider extension talks with him!

My crazy idea, then: What about a three- or four-year extension for Correia? Buy out his arbitration years, and give him some instant security. A three-year deal shouldn’t cost more than $10M total, and perhaps the Giants could include a fourth-year option. Consider it overpriced mediocrity insurance. The premiums might cost a bit more than the team had planned for, but it could prevent a Carlos Silva-type deal in the future.

Pretend it was like an eight-year deal, then, and this is year eight. Boy, it's been one heck of a ride, alright. The Kevin Correia Era just might be coming to an end in this alternate universe.

In this universe, it would be a mild surprise if Correia took the Chris Heston role of eighth starter, but the Giants have bradpennied themselves into some curious decisions with old friends, so there's a shot. Welcome back, Kevin Correia. Stay by the phone, Kurt Ainsworth.