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Giants might open season with temporary six-man rotation

The arrangement would allow Jake Peavy and his dead arm more time to prepare for the season.

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports
The Giants have depth, alright. The bigger question is if anyone can tell difference between the six starters after Madison Bumgarner, but the Giants have depth, and they're a-gonna use it. GM Bobby Evans -- which is totally not weird to type or anything -- was on the radio with Jim Bowden, and he mentioned there's a chance that Ryan Vogelsong will start the second game of the season. Jake Peavy's arm is dead, Jim, and the only thing that will bring it back is a little rest. Other than the months of rest he just had, that is. So instead of the original plan of having Vogelsong and Yusmerio Petit ready to throw up to 80 pitches in a long-reliever situation, the Giants are considering an honest-to-goodness six-man rotation.

Dead arms in the spring aren't that uncommon, so hold off on Peavy's epitaph for the moment, but at least the Giants have a bevy of familiar faces around to step in, if needed. I don't really know what the difference is between Ryan Vogelsong and Jake Peavy over 32 starts, so they're certainly closer to interchangeable than most #2/#6 combinations around baseball. That's a half-full/half-empty thing, depending on how optimistic you want to be.

If there's a serious problem, well, the Giants have someone for that.

Hopefully, a little rest can reanimate Jake Peavy's dead arm. Until then, we might be seeing Ryan Vogelsong sooner than we expected.