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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 4/30

April is a link that May is bound to dump

No, Barry. I thumbs up YOU.
No, Barry. I thumbs up YOU.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Lotta good links out there! Let's dump some.

Barry Bonds case: Feds considering U.S. Supreme Court appeal
You know what I was just thinking? "Gosh, I sure hope the Department of Justice finds a way to waste more money on Barry Bonds, because if there's one thing that America needs, it's to put an obstruction of justice conviction back on Bonds's record, as this will prevent generations of children from doing any kinds of drug whatsoever. The myriad benefits to society are so numerous that to even list them would take the next seventeen years of my life, so instead I will mention that they exist and assume you won't ask any follow-up questions."

Guess it's my lucky day!


Dusty Baker laughs about part in 'high-five history'
Hey, it's Dusty Baker! Now that he's not managing the Giants, I wholeheartedly like him. What's Dusty up to these days? Aside from appearing on some Comedy Central show where he will discuss the origin on the high five, he's involved with several businesses, as well as just being a dad. He comes off as a very nice person, which he always did when he was managing, but now I don't have to deal with how he handled a pitching staff. That's a win-win.


Bumgarner hits stride ahead of schedule
Last night's game was bad and there's no reason to ever talk about it, but Madison Bumgarner sure was great on Tuesday night, right? Yep, let's discuss that some more. Here, Wendy Thurm talks about Bumgarner's typical April struggles, and how his first few starts of the year were just another manifestation of that. So while the rest of the rotation might be filled with question marks – and Chris Heston you're great Chris I've never once doubted you – we can rest easy knowing we have that ace, who's ready to beat Clayton Kershaw anytime they meet, because now that that's happened a few times, it's what we should expect every time.


All-Star balloting begins today. With a twist.
Well, it's finally happened: All-Star voting has gone digital. No more shall we pretend that the paper ballots at the park actually count when in reality the determinants are the people voting 25 times for each of their favorite players. So, like an increasing number of things in the world, the power to pick All-Stars has been completely handed to people on the Internet with nothing better to do. Sounds like a recipe for success!

This is an especially good point because paper ballots have led to nothing but unimpeachable quality on All-Star teams.


Ranking Baseball’s Center-Field Camera Shots (2015 Update)
I'm just going to say it: that Reds angle has been garbage for years. Years.