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These 5 maps and charts tell you everything about the Giants

The ultimate collection of Giants maps and charts

The original infographic
The original infographic
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Are you a visual learner? If so, sometimes words on a screen just aren't enough for you to learn about your favorite sports team. Maybe what you need is for information to be presented visually, in a way that stimulates areas of your brain that are usually ignored. Fortunately, I've found some little known facts about the Giants that are best presented with maps and charts. Sounds like fun! Let's get started.

1. Giants World Series Results by Evenness of Year


Have you noticed that lately the Giants have been winning a lot of World Series in even years? If so, have you also been wondering about any historic trends that could explain this phenomenon? Well, here's all the data you could ever want!

2. The Locations of Every City in Which the Giants Have Played A Regular Season Game During This Century


The Giants have played regular season baseball games in lots of different cities! Here are all of the ones they've been to since Ellis Burks was in right field. It's pretty crazy, right? You might have thought they've only been to something like 10 cities, or 13 if you count the playoffs. But it turns out, they've played in more than 29 cities! Pretty crazy, right?

3. The Same as Chart Number 1, but Presented Slightly Differently


When you looked at Chart Number One, did you find yourself wishing that the wins and losses during even years were next to each other, so that they could be more easily compared? Well, your wish has come true! From this perspective, you can really see how the losses in odd years tower over the wins.

4. Number of Giants by Presidential Surname by Year


Mankind has long wondered, "How many people on my favorite sports team in a specific year have had the same last name as someone who has been the leader of my country?" Now we can find out!

5. The Geographic Center of Giants Brandons


There have been five Brandons in Giants history: Belt, Crawford, Hicks, Puffer, and Medders. Where do they come from? What do we find when we take the locations each of them went to high school, weight them for plate appearances, and find the geographic center? We find a location in New Mexico, just off I-25, very close to the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge. What would we find there? Could it be the very heart of Giants baseball? I don't know! I just made a map. Enjoy!