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San Francisco Giants Link Dump,4/24

Get off my dump!

Could stlil hit dingers
Could stlil hit dingers
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

It is my carefully considered opinion that the Giants should sweep every Dodgers series. Something to think about, guys. Mull it over.

Rob Manfred wants Barry Bonds to be 'engaged with the game'
Me too! I think the game and Barry Bonds would be very happy together. The two of them were made for each other. You can tell that Barry "gets" baseball in a way that no one else really ever has, while baseball, ever the smitten little minx, just tends to let Barry do whatever he wants while it gazes at him adoringly. So it's about time these two made it official and tied the knot, and I'm glad the new commissioner agrees.

I haven't actually read the article. I hope it's good.


The Best Pitcher In Baseball History
Joe Posnanski has A Stat for you. It's the kind of stat that you look at and you immediately think it must be wrong, because it's so absurd. And then maybe you start thinking of the reasons that it doesn't mean exactly what it seems to mean, and some of them are probably right! But as a broad strokes kind of thing, where you're really looking at orders of magnitude instead of specific numbers, it is incredibly telling.

If you're wondering why I'm not telling you what the stat is, it's because I'm a jerk.


Here are the new stats MLB is measuring from each play with StatCast real-time tracking technology
We all remember StatCast from this video of The Double Play in the World Series last year, because of all the times we watched it and were all "That's so cool! Look at how cool that is! My favorite part is the coolness, probably." Well, now StatCast is going to start coming to games on MLB Network, and this article has the list of everything that's measured. One weird omission, though, at least from my perspective, is that there's no measurement for shortstop handsomeness. And if you're not going to measure that, then man, what's even the point?


Former Giant Kevin Frandsen signs with D'Backs
Ex-Giant update! Let's hope Frandsen doesn' t turn himself into a contemporary Yorvit Torrealba, constantly doubling against the Giants even in games he's not playing in. And while we're at it, Brian Wilson is on the Indians now!

I mean, not the actual Indians, but the fake Indians. Okay, technically not the fake Indians either, but a version of the fake Indians. The fake fake Indians, if you will. He played Ricky Vaughn in a live reading of the Major League script. But the important thing for him: He's staying in baseball!


Home Runs, Steroids & Politics: Barry Bonds Is the Greatest Ever
Start with a Bonds link, end with a Bonds link. As long as there aren't any breaking Hank stories, that's a pretty good day.