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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 4/23

Ride or dump

Yeah, that's right, we have photos of non-athletes too
Yeah, that's right, we have photos of non-athletes too
Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Did you see this GIF of three Crawford-Panik glove flips all synchronized? If not, please don't watch it. You will never turn your eyes away from it again.

Chris Rock delivers seven-minute monologue on lack of African Americans in MLB
This is The Thing that people were talking about on Twitter yesterday before Roberto Kelly didn't help Gregor Blanco back to third base and every Dodger and Dodger fan wouldn't stop complaining about it. Chris Rock gave a speech on how the lack of black players in baseball is imperiling its future. And while there are some things he gets wrong – in the US, it's pretty important to buy good equipment to play baseball, especially if you want to seem cool – the overall message is a good one, and it can't be deflected with "BUT ANDREW MCCUTCHEN." We all love Andrew McCutchen, but he's just one superstar, and sadly, not a trend.


Guess the minor-league pension amount
CJ Nitkowski, current Fox Sports columnist and former major league reliever, also at one point played in the minor leagues. I know, I know, kinda a big deal to have played in both kinds of leagues, but Nitkowski's not bragging. No, he just wants to discuss the minor league pension he received after playing in the minors for parts of 14 different seasons. How much did he get? What was his reward for that decade-and-a-half? You'll be shocked to learn that it was not enough to buy an unlocked iPhone 6 Plus. But it was enough for a regular unlocked iPhone 6! So as long as your hands aren't too big, CJ, you did pretty well.


Nikolai Bonds
Jeff Pearlman of "Dammit, not Jeff Pearlman" fame talks to Barry Bonds's son Nikolai about far-reaching topics like Barry Bonds, Nikolai's life, and Barry Bonds. Despite a few dickish and just plain bizarre questions ("Pearlmans of wisdom"), Nikolai gets to make many cogent points about how Bonds was treated and how he's still thought of very unfairly. These points will, of course, be dismissed by people who are anti-Bonds and therefore already inclined to dismiss them, and the conversation will never advance, and we'll all go on with our lives until the next pointless attack on Barry Bonds/


The best manager media meltdowns in baseball history
Bryan Price had his little "Why aren't you beat writers acting more like fans" tirade a couple days ago, using exactly that language if I recall correctly, but how does it compare to some of the great manager flipouts of all time? We'll have to examine them to find out, and fortunately there's a tool that helps us do that. It's called "the Internet" and on it people create text to read and videos to watch. It's pretty wild. You should check it out.