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Brian Sabean, Bruce Bochy reportedly close to extensions

The news was buried in a longer article about the Giants playing like putzes this spring, so focus on the extensions.

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Bob Nightengale of the USA Today wrote a long piece about the Giants playing like straight doo-doo in the Cactus League. Quotes that were probably edited out might have been, "It's, like, seriously, stop playing like doo-doo" and "ugh, this ******* team is killing me," but the quotes that were left in are still pretty discouraging. Hidden deep in the article, though, we have this:

It's why the Sabean/Bochy tandem is the finest in the game, with the Giants' ownership getting close to locking them up to extensions long past 2016. When the extensions become final, Sabean and Bochy can send thank-you notes to Dodgers president Andrew Friedman ($10 million per year) and Cubs manager Joe Maddon ($5 million per season) for upping the ante.

Why was that hidden deep in the article? Because it surprises no one. Of course they're getting extensions. They're the ones who decide if they want to work for the San Francisco Giants, not the other way around. One day, they'll both grumble into someone's office and politely resign because they've baseballed all they can baseball. Until then, they'll just keep doing their thing.

This is ... different from 2008. Remember that extension?

(Sabean) failed at his offseason quest to build a better offense, and he failed because his long-held opinions on what makes a good offense were wrong. They’ve been wrong for a while. He needs to completely reevaluate his core beliefs, and he needs to try something different.

/farting noises

As for Bochy, the thing to remember is that he has no idea how to evaluate hitters. Young players have about 100 at-bats to win him over, and old players get about 2,000 at-bats to lose his trust.


The best way to make Bochy an effective manager is to eliminate any lineup questions. He needs to be given a team with unquestionably good hitters.

/sloppier farting noises

Actually, I still agree with that last one, to some extent. It's still a wee different feeling this time around with any possible extensions. Funny how some changing postseason fortunes can affect all that. Both of these guys are going to the Hall of Fame, you know. Yeah, both of them. If you can find a 20-year, one-team GM with four pennants and three World Series who isn't in the Hall, well, that's because those are insanely specific parameters. Still, you get the point.

Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy are reportedly close to extensions. Of course they are. Why wouldn't they be?