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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 4/15

If you take a link, we'll dump your feet

Either he comes back or we get a Batman. Those are the options.
Either he comes back or we get a Batman. Those are the options.
Rob Tringali/Getty Images

Happy Tax Day! Have you taxed your taxes yet? Because you should! That's just being a responsible taxee.

10 GIFs That Made Fans Fall In Love With Hunter Pence
Hunter Pence would make everything better.  I have to believe that, if Hunter Pence replaced Gregor Blanco in the lineup, everything would be better. Hunter Pence is a delightful person and when he comes back, he'll fix everything, and then he'll make us all cake except it won't have calories and people who want pie will get pie and everything will be rainbows forever.

If you think I'm putting too much faith in Hunter Pence, well, I don't know where the hell else it's supposed to go. At this point, it's him or Mikey Edie.


Why Are Baseball Games Nine Innings Long?
Did you know that if it weren't for some Roose Boltonery from a Knickerbocker Base Ball Club member, baseball could have been played as a  7-on-7 game, and probably gone only seven innings? Man, getting rid of a couple of positions that have been dead weight would drastically improve this year's Giants team. Do you think it's too late to change that? They should give it a shot.


Josh Hamilton falls victim to the weird sociopathy of the Business Decision
Arte Moreno is terrible, and if you ever see anyone take his side on this, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are morally superior to them.


‘MVP Baseball … 2015’? How the Best Baseball Video Game Ever Has Refused to Retire for 10 Years
So MVP Baseball 2005 is a bit of a cult game around here, in no small part because it has Kruk and Kuip as the announcers (I will always treasure my Dreamcast copy of World Series Baseball 2K2 featuring the dulcet tones of Ted Robinson, but I digress), but also because it was an excellent baseball game. Well, for the last decade, modders have been releasing updates to the game, with modern rosters, current ballparks (and current ballpark ads for the stadiums that haven't changed), and even hacked vocals to let Virtual Kruk and Kuip say the names of current players.

One would think that the people making the mod could just find recordings of the two of them talking about, for example, Clayton Kershaw in a TV broadcast and use that in the game. There's probably some reason they can't, but since I don't know what that is, I feel comfortable calling them stupid for not doing it.


The Assassination of Yasiel Puig by the Coward American Baseball
I'm invested in immediately disregarding sportswriters who talk about how a guy is Disrespecting The Game, but I'm also invested in reflexively laughing at Dodgers and wanting them to be repeatedly publicly humiliated. This is a tough call, man. Tough call.