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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 4/10

There are rich teams and there are poor teams. Then there's fifty dumps of links, and then there's us.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I went to the River Cats game last night and saw Adam Duvall crush a walk-off dinger. When you go to a baseball game, try to pick one where your team hits a walk-off home run. It really is a delightful experience.

Hunter Pence's Bad Break Won't Change His 'Swing Big' Ways
I miss Hunter Pence. It's not that the team is worse without him - they are, obviously,  though since Blanco and Aoki are both decent major league players, not disastrously so - but he was just so fun to watch that you couldn't help but be entertained. Then you add in that he seems like a great guy, and he's relentlessly positive . . . I don't have a crush on Hunter Pence you have a crush on Hunter Pence shut up is he looking over here does he ever talk about me I don't even care could you just say hi for me I have a poem you know what don't give him the poem it's too soon does he even like poems?


The night is dark and full of errors: MLB teams as Game of Thrones characters
Game of Thrones is coming back, which means that Articles Relating Game of Thrones To Things are also coming back. Are you excited? Well you should be! In addition to the article above, there's also this one from Sports on Earth, and there are more coming. Articles are coming. Hear me type. Writing strong. Ours is the clickbait. Baseball, duty, honor. We do not let jokes go.

None of that is meant to slight the original article, which is shockingly good! You should read it if you have interest in both baseball and Game of Thrones, though that probably doesn't apply to anyone here.


Major League Baseball will not look into the Angels’ conduct in the Josh Hamilton case
You know what one of the worst parts of the NFL is? I mean, besides the rampant misogyny and homophobia, and the constant cover-ups of disgusting crimes, and the bizarre implication that the league is any sort of driving force for good in the country, and the entire existence of Roger Goodell in a leadership position, and the fact that medically speaking, no one should ever play football? It's the way that the owners and management aren't held to any kind of behavior standard while the players rack up tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for trivial offenses.

Way to go on being like those assholes, MLB. Good job.


What we've missed about Tommy John surgery
Tommy John - he's not just a pitcher, he's also a surgery! It turns out that there are several myths and falsehoods about Tommy John surgery that are widely believed, and this article does a good job of busting them. But there are a few more that should be addressed, so I'll do that here:

  • Hospitals do not give you a "Buy one, get one free" on surgeries
  • When your arm hurts, the best medicine is not laughter, but, in fact, medicine
  • You do not get a free taco salad after surgery

The Fast and Furious prophecy: Jeff Francoeur hit his first home run since 'Fast 6'
With the release of Furious 7, there have been a plethora of "I watched all the Fast & Furious movies in order" articles on the Internet. When Jeff Francoeur made the Phillies, there was, similarly, a rash of opinion pieces about how sad it was for the Phillies that this was the case. But what if Ruben Amaro was onto this connection long before any of the rest of us? What if he saw that since these movies are so dumb they're genius, maybe signing Jeff Francoeur of the mystical connection to Vin and company would fall under the same category? What if...what if the Phillies aren't a team...but a FAMILY?