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Giants make big not-fictional trade today on April Fools' Day

The ramifications are ramifying

Any one of these players could have been traded in jokes no one will remember tomorrow
Any one of these players could have been traded in jokes no one will remember tomorrow
Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants made a trade early this morning, April 1st, swapping several players for whom you have been rooting and developing an emotional attachment for other players who inspire either indifference or distaste in you. This is a very large, franchise-defining move, and it happened today, on the day when people on the Internet try to trick other people on the Internet into believing false rumors. Reached for comment, Giants GM Brian Sabean said, "We made this trade because we thought it would improve the team," which is a reasonable rationale for a trade and an extremely plausible quote whose veracity should not be challenged.

Also, this site is changing. The new person in charge will be a reviled baseball player, arbitrary celebrity, or fictional character. You can expect many changes to McCovey Chronicles that will affect your life deeply, and you should make comments about these effects on your life with the understanding that these changes will certainly happen. It is natural to be disappointed today, as we have all enjoyed this site in its current form for quite some time, but we should hope that the new person in charge will do a good job.

The new person in charge has issued a statement. It reads:


It is quite an honor to take the reins of McCovey Chronicles. Now I will change everything forever, especially with regards to the subjects most important to you. You are currently happy with the site, but you will soon be unhappy. Nevertheless, I will press on with the knowledge that the day between March 31 and April 2, also known as April Fools' Day, will one day be commemorated as the dawn of a new era.

Kind regards,
New Person in Charge

PS - Also, Casey McGehee has been replaced by a pterodactyl.

Truly, today has been momentous.