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Matt Cain perfect for two innings in return

Spring training games don't mean anything until they do.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Cain, perfectionist and postseason hero, pitched his first game since July 9, 2014, and he was perfect, retiring six Dodgers and needing only 20 pitches to get through two innings. No walks, no strikeouts, three grounders, three fly balls. No runs. Matt Cain.

The next question you probably have is regarding Cain's velocity. Part of me was hoping/expecting a Henry Rowengartner-like return from injury, with him throwing 103 mph with movement. Alas, it was more what you might have expected, and Cain threw in the low 90s, touching 92. He felt great and showed off some nice curveballs. The elbow held up with nary a bark.

While Cain had been on the DL three separate times before his season-ending surgery last year, those were for fluke injuries (two comebackers, one sandwich), so last year was the first time Cain's arm didn't allow him to pitch. His arm is just ducky now, though, and he hasn't allowed a baserunner in months. Months! The Giants can win without Cain pitching like he used to, but it would sure be a heckuva lot easier if he did Matt Cain things all season long.

Even if the Giants don't win the World Series again, the odds are great that we'll get to watch Matt Cain pitch this season. That's basically the World Series. Welcome back, good sir. Welcome back.