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Video of Tim Lincecum pitching well

Video of him pitching poorly from the same game exists. It was not included.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

As you've probably guessed, I'm not going to recap every spring game. This is because there are 162 regular season games coming up, and there's even a chance for more after that. My brain is mush by May, as is. Do not weep for me; just know that I saw my baseball-writing shadow, and I'm lazy for another month.

However, if something happens in the game that's worth noting -- something more than "Prospect makes error" -- and there's video of it, there should be a home for it here.

Tim Lincecum allowed two runs on Saturday, one on a dinger, and one on a walk and a double. The homer came on a fastball right down the middle. The double came on a good pitch on the outside corner. The walk came on four pitches out of the strike zone. If you leave the review of his game at that, you're not impressed.

That's why this video exists:

Reminder: Padres. Lincecum probably isn't going to no-hit them this year, but they still seem to flail at his pitches more than the average team. Still, if you want to watch an effective TIm Lincecum, video exists. It's right up there. Ignore the other stuff. Lincecum's gonna make the All-Star team.

Elsewhere in the game, Madison Bumgarner looked fine, if a little rusty, still. Hunter Strickland didn't allow a homer, and Cody Hall looked like a revelation before he allowed a homer to Rymer Liriano, large man. The Giants lost, 7-6, and if it were a real game, we'd be perseverating on the last pitch, which was a called strike about a foot inside.

Mostly, though, Lincecum looked like a pitcher who could miss bats more often than most pitchers. Isn't that a positive development? Can you take a moment and allow yourself to dream? I sure can. Just ignore that pesky part where he allowed a long dinger on a bad pitch, and you'll be fine.