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Giants sign Alfredo Aceves

The long-time Yankees and Red Sox swingman hasn't pitched well for a while, but the Giants are taking a chance on him with a minor-league deal.

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants signed Alfredo Aceves. That's the story. It's a minor league deal, and the former Red Sox closer will mostly likely be in Sacramento as depth. The last time he was good, the Giants had just one lousy championship in San Francisco, so he's not likely to affect the major league roster. Still, it's a name of some note. It's a hey-I-remember-that-guy pitcher of the highest order, so here's an article about him.

That's not the entire story. The entire story includes a reminder that he's sort of wacky. Like, wacky with his fists and generally, hilariously angry. You might remember him as the feller who involved in a huge brawl in the World Baseball Classic.

Or you might remember him as the guy who had words with Dustin Pedroia before he hand-checked a Bobby Valentine butt slap:

Turns out he really didn't like Valentine. Which makes two of us? Maybe we'll really get to like this guy after all.

He also had intriguing talent once upon a time. His problems have been fly ball-related, so he's in the right organization. This probably isn't a move that we'll remember in August, but that's what we could have said about Jean Machi or Santiago Casilla once upon a time. He's probably the new Santiago Casilla, everyone. Unless he's the new Ryan Vogelsong. Unless he's the new Brandon Puffer.

You wanted a former Red Sox pitcher this offseason? Here you go! He's like a taller, wackier, less talented, right-handed Jon Lester who relieves. It's uncanny, really. And now the Giants have him. Maybe he'll be wacky and/or good again.