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Hunter Pence graciously forgives the pitcher that broke his arm

Maybe we'd hate Trevor Hoffman less if Twitter existed in 1993.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Corey Black is a longshot to make the Cubs' roster. He was just a guy happy to be in camp, showing off for the mucky-mucks and Joe Maddon, but now he's the pitcher who screwed up the start of the Giants' season. Black was emotional about the incident, and he reached out to Hunter Pence on Twitter.

Pence could have responded with "You dick" or "I'm a eat your nose" or "Son, you aren't even verified on, so I have nothing to say to you." Instead, he was gracious, possibly because he's one of the most likeable players in baseball.

That's how apologies are made in 2015. Pence is moving on to bigger concerns.

Yes, I imagine that's always been priority A-1 for Pence, so best of luck to him. Best of luck to him with the arm thing, too.