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Giants lose third game out of last four

Angel Pagan can still run, and Jake Peavy is still blind.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants lost to the A's, 9-2. You don't care. But here's a meaningful thing that happened in Wednesday's meaningless game: Angel Pagan scored from first on a Buster Posey double, and he looked great doing it.

Well, I assume Pagan looked great. The camera operator has a tough gig as a one-person crew, but it wasn't a double that rattled around the corner or anything, and Pagan scored from first easily. Everything else is piffle.

On other hand, Jake Peavy still being blind might come up later.

Step one: Cut a hole in a box.

Step two: Put your head in that box.

Step three: Answer 482 questions like, "Is the first one clearer, or the second one ... first one ... second one ... first one ... second one ... or about the same?" based on pictures projected on the back of that box.

Step four: Pick up the new glasses when they arrive.

JUST GET GLASSES. He's gonna kill someone. He's gonna kill someone, and we're going to have to watch. Or he's going to drive a cable car into a farmer's market and miss the entire season because he's in prison.

Not much else happened. Braulio Lara looks like Jonathan Sanchez on the mound and wears #75, so he's on his way to being a Giants legend. Ty Blach was pummeled, but it's just spring training. Peavy gave up a lot of ground ball hits, but it's just spring training. Santiago Casilla gave up a booming home run, but it's just spring training. Casey McGehee was 2-for-2, but ... well ... you know. You can get the full stats here.

Pagan can still run, though. He's healthy, and he wasn't scared to air it out on a double in a meaningless game. That's a great sign, and you don't have to get any of those in March games. Cherish this one, even if the Giants lost by a lot.