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Andrew Susac, Juan Perez optioned to Sacramento

Hector Sanchez is the backup catcher, apparently, and Justin Maxwell will likely be the fifth outfielder.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Hector Sanchez had a rough, unfortunate 2014 season, with concussions not only ending his season, but threatening his ability to stay behind the plate at all. The only silver lining was that with the emergence of Andrew Susac, the Giants could take their time with Sanchez for once and let him catch every day in Triple-A. He needed the at-bats and the innings behind the plate, and he was finally, finally, finally going to get them.

About that ...

Andrew Susac is back in Triple-A, which leaves Sanchez the backup catcher again. While the annual decision to keep Sanchez an inexperienced catcher is the most maddening thing the Giants do, it shouldn't make a huge difference in on-field value. Even though the backup catcher should play every fifth game or so, he still won't rack up enough time to gain/cost the team more than a win, and that's considering the extreme scenarios.

Still, I don't understand the annual need to keep Sanchez from catching everyday. Regular at-bats would help him more than anyone in the organization. Although now those regular at-bats go to Susac, which isn't the worst thing in the world. And maybe less time behind the plate means fewer chances at another head injury for Sanchez? Just looking for the bright spots, here.

Juan Perez was also sent down, which means Justin Maxwell will apparently be the fifth outfielder and right-handed bat off the bench. This makes a lot of sense, so the kvetching will be limited to Susac and Sanchez.

Hunter Strickland was sent down in an expected move, with the last bullpen spot being a battle between two out-of-options players, Jean Machi and George Kontos.

Excited to watch Andrew Susac, 2014 World Champion? I hear Raley Field is nice. If you're talking about the big club, though, here's another helping of Hector Sanchez. This is ... not what I was expecting, but not anything to riot over, either.