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Giants reacquire Jackson Williams for cash considerations

Jax is bax.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Jackson Williams used to be a meme around here, back in the days before memes didn't have a name. One commenter suggested it wouldn't be long until he toed the rubber. Other commenters debated his present and future value. He was a supplemental first-round pick for the Giants in 2007, see. This is the sort of thing we did.

Jackson is back, son. The Giants reacquired him for cash considerations. The 29-year-old catcher will report to camp on Wednesday and hit a series-winning double for the Giants in 2016. This sport is getting predictable and needs new writers.

Williams was in the Rockies' organization last year as part of the Here Take All Of Our Damned Catchers Treaty of 1993, and he even hit a dinger in the majors.

Atta way. Williams owns a career line of .223/.309/.337, including a .235/.307/.361 mark over 1,048 at-bats in the Pacific Coast League, so he's not exactly an offensive wunderkind. He supposedly has soft hands, though, and considering the Giants brought him back after a year away, there has to be something the organization likes about him. Well, that means there's something I like about him, dang it.

I think I've found my new favorite thing that has been my favorite thing this entire time: the Giants picking up random players who used to be in the organization. It gets me every time. Welcome back, Jackson Williams! Welcome back, Travis Blackley! Welcome back, Brandon Hicks! That over there is Travis. And that over there is Ryan. Do what they did. No pressure. No big deal.