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Tournament of Happy Giants Postseason Moments (round 2, part 2)

Is it more important to tie the game, or more important to win it? This, other questions, and more impossible choices.

The Giants don't win Game 2 of the NLDS if Pablo Sandoval makes an out instead of hits a double down the line. The Giants probably don't win the game if Brandon Belt makes an out, but they might have. But they also might have ruined their bullpen irreparably in the process. Does that mean ... wait ... I CAN'T CHOOSE.

Luckily, I don't have to. You do. Watch and vote! Hopefully all of the polls and videos are working this time. If not, check back in a few hours.

Giants win it all in 2014 vs. Ssory Doc II

Madison Bumgarner emerges vs. Aubrey ties up Game 3

Scutaro's single gives the Giants the lead in Game 4 vs. Juan Uribe wins the pennant (kind of)

Madison completes shutout vs. Buster eats Mat Latos's soul

Ishikawalkoff vs. Cody Ross gives the Giants the lead

More like Hunter Fence vs. Brandon Crawford grand slam

Marco, his arms wide vs. Huff's dinger

Pablo ties it in the ninth vs. Belt wins it in the 18th