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Tournament of Happy Giants Postseason Moments (round 2, part 1)

Tough choices were made. They don't get easier.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports
The second round is here! These 32 highlights were apparently better than those other 32 highlights. How can you even choose? You should be ashamed of yourself. There's no reason to pick favorites like that.

Well, since you're here, you might as well. This round is going to be split up into two parts to avoid melting computers, after which we'll cram them all into one post. After that, we'll have commentary, which will probably skew the voting results and ruin the science of it all. That's okay. I like writing about these highlights, and you like reading about them. Then we both enjoy watching the videos together, like a true family.

Watch and vote! In this round, you have to do some hella sophie-choosing.

Last out of 2012 vs. Miguel Cabrera pops up

Uribe walk-off vs. Walk-off error

Bases-clearing Scoots vs. The Double Play

Lincecum completes masterpiece vs. Howard caught looking

First win since 1954 vs. Hunter Pence three-hit swing

Morse dinger vs. Brooks Conrad

Affeldt comes in vs. Pablo's third homer

Verlander says "Wow" vs. Edgar's dinger