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The Tournament of Happy Giants Postseason Moments

I wanted to see if there were 64 of them. There were.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, spoiled Giants fan. I am a spoiled Giants fan who would like to invite you to the Tournament of Happy Giants Postseason Moments, all of which occurred from 2010 through 2014. If Bobby Cox leaves Craig Kimbrel in to face Aubrey Huff, perhaps everything is different. Perhaps the offseason moves are different, there is never a championship, and this is a bracket of sad Giants postseason moments. That would be awful. That did not happen.

I was curious to see if there was a way to fill in a 64-moment bracket without that much filler. There was. We are spoiled. Look at this danged bracket (click to enlarge).


Wheeeeeee. This bracket could have featured "Jose Cruz, Jr. drops ball vs. Rick Ankiel sploooosh" if Bobby Cox left Kimbrel in. Those words do not appear in this bracket.

What we'll do is vote on each one after watching some delightful videos. Because the videos munch bandwidth and data plans, and because you're all little click-monkeys who like to clickclickclick my posts and make me look good in front of my bosses, we'll do the first round in four different posts. I'll set up a StoryStream™ and try not to make them so wordy.

If you notice an egregious error ... well, it's too late. I made sure the big moments are up there. I hope I did. Maybe I didn't. It's the selection committee's fault. The Chevy guy should be on there, dang it. And why did I capitalize "allosaurus"? NO MATTER.

Part two of the first round is here.

Part three of the first round is here.

Part four of the first round is here.

The first part of the second round is here.

The second part of the third round is here.

The first rounds are going to be boring, for the most part. But the later rounds should have some violent debates. Only one moment can be the best (even if they're all the best). To the polls! To the videos!

Romo saves it vs. Lincecum's brain fart

Howard freezes vs. Ishi clobbers one

The Double Play vs. Posey dinger

Walk-off error vs. leadoff homer

Uribe wins it vs. Blanco's triple

Holliday is smote by vengeful gods vs. Hunter's homer

Ssory Doc I vs. Lincecum finishes it

Ross off Hamels vs. Vogie gets Miggie