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How could Travis Ishikawa outdo the pennant winner?

An important thought exercise

"I haven't thought enough lately about how great I am"
"I haven't thought enough lately about how great I am"
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Travis Ishikawa hit a home run yesterday in the game where Will Ferrell was Jean Machi's catcher for one batter, and afterwards, there was a common sentiment:

Remember when Literally Travis Ishikawa won the National League with a home run? That was cool.

But is it necessarily the biggest moment of his baseball career? I mean, so far, obviously it is. But is it even possible for him to do anything to top it? Can there be one event that Travis Ishikawa will take part in that, in 40 years, people will think of that instead of the Wacha AB?

Remember, this is a tough task. Bobby Thomson, Bill Mazeroski, and Joe Carter all had long, excellent, notable careers, but they're each pretty much known for hitting one home run. What can Ishikawa do to break free of that group? Let's figure it out.

Winning the World Series with a home run

Okay, that one's kinda a gimme

Hitting a foul ball off Vladimir Putin's head

Ignoring rumors of Putin's death – Putin is immortal and will never die – if, hypothetically, Vladimir Putin were to visit the United States and attend a Giants game, and Travis Ishikawa was at the plate, and he hit a foul ball that just smacked Putin right in the head, I think that would do it. The conspiracy theories would start immediately – Ishikawa was aiming for him, the CIA was behind it, this all goes back to a secret society founded by President Polk. But maybe Putin shakes it off. Or maybe it causes an international incident. Or maybe it gives Putin amnesia like in a sitcom, and everyone makes sure to only hit him an even number of times so he never remembers that he's an asshole. No matter how you slice it, this would be a very memorable event.

Also, really, it could be any world leader. But is it really funny to imagine Angela Merkel getting a concussion? No, it's not. And since Silvio Berlusconi's out of power, Putin's really the best choice.

Getting a hit that ends the DH forever

To be honest, I'm not 100% sure how this one would really work. Maybe he makes a bet beforehand with the commissioner. Maybe he hits a pop-up into heaven that makes God  take notice and say, "Wait, the American League is doing WHAT?" No matter how he accomplishes it, though, his name would forever be etched in baseball lore as the guy who ended the designated hitter and restored order to a chaotic and unjust universe.

Finding Evan Longoria's cap

It's been what, six years? Seven? The search continues. Don't give up hope, Evan.

Don't ever give up hope.