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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 3/1

I will take the link to Mordump

This is a good photo for this article because it was taken on Photo Day, so it has aspects of two different links in it!
This is a good photo for this article because it was taken on Photo Day, so it has aspects of two different links in it!
Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Usually these post in the morning, but there are thousands of comments on the last thread, so, hey, new Sunday thread! You're so lucky.

Long National Nightmare Is Over
Brandon Crawford already made his return to the Brandons blog, and now Belt is back too. And while we all enjoy Crawford's take on things – and he blogged even more recently, entirely about baseball for some reason – something about Belt blogging is just magical. Whether it's about why Shark Tank is the perfect Spring Training show, or where his favorite zoo is, or just the good ol' movie reviews, Brandon Belt is back and Beltier than ever!

Actually, he's exactly as Belty as he's always been. I would like to apologize if anyone was offended, and I hope we can get through this difficult time together.


Altruistic Affeldt accepts honorary degree
Jeremy Affeldt is well known for his excellent relief pitching and even more excellent proclivity for getting injured in wacky ways (Props to Ronald Belisario for trying to match that part of his game), but he also does fantastic work fighting human trafficking and hunger. Those are the achievements that got him an honorary degree from Whitworth University, and he should absolutely be applauded for them.

Now let's go back to his sillier aspects. If only I could find an article that opened with a Wacky Affeldt anecdote...


Drop in arm angle raises Steven Okert's profile

Please pay no attention to the facts that the Harry S Jordan Award is in no way mentioned and that Mitch Delfino had a Chronicle article about him appear on Friday.


The 11, umm, 'best' picture from Photo Day
Oh look, it's Giants legend Rajai Davis. Hi, Rajai! I liked you when you were a Giant, but the team went on to win a bunch of World Series and you've made a bunch of money, so I think it all worked out. Keep in touch!

I feel very strongly that people who look bad in pictures should not be mocked as they are innocents who don't deserve scorn and don't say mean things stop saying mean things you don't get it you don't understand YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND.


Baseball pioneer and seven-time MLB All-Star Minnie Minoso dies
I didn't watch Minnie Minoso play and I couldn't speak to his importance in the history of baseball, which Jay Jaffe does an excellent job of here. But the tendency of the Hall of Fame Veterans Committee to wait until people are dead to put them in the Hall only serves to deprive them of the joy of enshrinement, and us of the museum of baseball history we deserve. Minnie Minoso was a Hall of Famer, and that should have been made official during his lifetime.