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Yesterday in pictures

Some memorable images of the Giants popped up on social media yesterday. Let's gawk at them.

"Ha HA. We are World Champions once more! I am indeed tickled by this development."
"Ha HA. We are World Champions once more! I am indeed tickled by this development."
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants had a productive day on social media yesterday. In addition to the painful and never-ending Face of MLB Twitter hashtag game (in which America's own Buster Posey is a finalist), some of these stark visuals hit the "Twittersphere" for our enjoyment... and horror?

1. Hunter Pence's Curled Bun

Theory: Hunter Pence is trying to grow out his hair to be the length of Thor's. Hunter Pence is trying to become Thor. This makes more sense than the Fitbit challenge, I feel.

2. Larry Bares All

Larry has got the look of someone who's been very successful at businessing. And there is very little actual baseball discussion in that article -- simply a lot of the way the Giants do business. Towards the end, Larry compares the Giants to Disney, which really helps to contextualize the fervent desire to market Panda hats (RIP) and Posey Koozies (those should be a thing).

3. Brian Sabean with the Don Draper Pose

Look at this cool guy. This cool cat. Brian Sabean is just chillin', watching his $170 million dollar roster of mostly familiar faces, basking in three championships in five years and, of course, the Arizona sun (probably without any sunscreen, either).

Contained within Andrew Baggarly's piece from the same interview is this real gem:

Finally, Sabean was as entertained as the rest of us when Norichika Aoki challenged Madison Bumgarner to a wrestling match: "I’m waiting for him to body slam Aoki. I think he was practicing by throwing around cement bags."

This caused me to imagine what Madison Bumgarner would look like body slamming Aoki.

Nori Aoki doesn't like to be body slammed.

As you can see, Madison Bumgarner is really going to hurt Aoki and Nori Aoki, to his credit, is giving this entire thing a thumbs down. He's certainly not happy about getting body slammed into the ground. Nor should he be.

4. Madison Bumgarner Steers Into His Public Persona

Rumor has it Bumgarner and the cow haaaated each other.