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Red Sox sign Yoan Moncada

The glass is half-full, half-empty, and never filled with fancy Cuban players.

Yoan Moncada signed with the Boston Red Sox for $30 million. You're reading this on McCovey Chronicles, a Giants website on SB Nation, because this means the Giants didn't sign him. As someone who never learns and held out hope that the Giants were secretly earmarking the money they didn't give James Shields for Moncada, I'm disappointed.

However, there are silver linings in this bitter biscuit. The headline reads "Red Sox sign Yoan Moncada" and not "Dodgers sign Yoan Moncada" or "Padres sign Yoan Moncada." This is very, very important. If, over the next 15 years, the Giants are continually regretting their lack of participation in the Moncada derby, it will be a distant, abstract regret. It won't be rubbed in their face 18 times every season. That was my biggest fear.

Moncada's $30 million price tag would have been more like $58 million once you factor in the penalty for going over the international spending cap, and the Giants would have given up their ability to sign any top prospects on next year's market. So if the Giants like-loved him instead of love-loved him, that was all a consideration. And, hey, they can now go after Hector Olivera or Andy Ibanez, WHO ARE ALL GOING TO BE WAY BETTER ANYWAY, SO FINE.

Let's all sit right here and hold our breath -- literally all hold our collective breath as a form of protest -- until the Giants sign an interesting Cuban player.

When the Giants dominate next year's international market and sign the player who will help them in 2018 or 2020, we'll look back at this day and laugh. Until then, repeat after me: It wasn't the Dodgers. It wasn't the Padres. It especially wasn't the Dodgers. It's not good news that Moncada was pulled off the market by a team that isn't the Giants, but it could have been so much worse.