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Alert: Ryan Vogelsong has a gnarly beard now

Vote in the poll!

Ryan Vogelsong has a gnarly beard now. Look at this gnarly beard:


He is Brandon Belt now. Looking forward to the dingers and slumpy shoulders. Unless he's not Belt, but more ...


Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when that beard wasn't gross? I dyed my beard black for the 2010 postseason, too.


That was after the Giants won the pennant. Who drinks champagne after their team wins the pennant? The kind of cynic who believes in his heart that the Giants will never, ever win a World Series in his lifetime, so you'd better celebrate the good times when they happen. It's why I love my 2010 NLCS CHAMPIONS sweatshirt so much: It reminds me of my complete lack of faith. I also posted the picture of my beard to make sure you knew I wasn't beard-shaming. And because of those guns.

Back to the gnarly beard of Ryan Vogelsong! Gnarly can be a good adjective just as easily as it can be a bad one, and I want to poll the masses to see if they approve this new beard-related development. Is this look a good addition to the enchilada-fueled scowl of Ryan Vogelsong, or is it a little too close to ... well ... you know?

Ryan Vogelsong has a gnarly beard now. It's up to us, and only us, to decide if it suits him.