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Giants have best farm system in baseball among bottom six teams

This is according to Baseball Prospectus, who also put three Giants prospects in their top 200.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, that headline is accurate. If you limit yourself to the six-worst farm systems in baseball according to Baseball Prospectus, the Giants have the best farm system in baseball. Even better, BP suggests that ranking might be conservative. All hail the Giants' farm system!

Another way to put it is that the Giants ranked #25 in baseball. Hey, it's better when you phrase it like I did. The BP ranking is also more favorable than that of ESPN, who ranked the Giants #29, so we're making a little progress. If you're looking for even more silver linings in the Calvin Murray-shaped clouds, note that BP gives the Giants three prospects in their top-100, which as aggressive as any of the prospect hounds have been this offseason.

86. Adalberto Mejia (RHP - age 22)
88. Kyle Crick (RHP - age 22)
97. Andrew Susac (C - age 25)

Kiley McDaniel over at FanGraphs isn't quite as optimistic, unfortunately. But his list goes up to 200, which gives the honorable mentions a chance to shine on the big stage. Here are his ranked Giants prospects:

86. Andrew Susac
134. Tyler Beede
140. Kyle Crick
(amorphous blob between 143 and 200). Christian Arroyo

Beede and Crick just escaped the amorphous blob. Good for them! The amorphous blob will still consume us all.

In conclusion, here is a player from the Giants' crappy farm system last year hitting the snot out of a left-handed breaking ball and starting a comeback rally in the World Series.