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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 2/10

It's a hell of a thing, dumpin' a man. Take away all he's linked, and all he's ever gonna link.

Here is Barry at an Astros-A's game, helping Dexter Fowler be a destroyer of worlds. Let's ignore that Fowler was 0-4 that day.
Here is Barry at an Astros-A's game, helping Dexter Fowler be a destroyer of worlds. Let's ignore that Fowler was 0-4 that day.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, that's neat.

Barry Bonds and Dexter Fowler: Teacher and Pupil
There was a lot of Barry Bonds news recently. There were the whispers that his role with the Giants might expand – POSSIBLY TO PLAY LEFT FIELD, he said in all caps to make it seem like that's what was in the article – and he was honored by his selection into the Bay Area Hall of Fame. But neither of those articles implies that Barry Bonds is a selfless genius, so this one wins out. I have standards, you know.


Growlin’ and Meowin’
For a lot of years, the Fresno Grizzlies were the AAA affiliate of the Giants. Oh, how the two grew close, watching each other at all hours of the night, sharing their men, and settling down into a nice life together. But then one day, a sexy Sacramento minx caught the Giants' eye. At first there were denials, and everything seemed fine, but Fresno knew. Fresno had to know. And once the split was complete, all the Grizzlies had left was their new beau from Houston and a bunch of catty tweets to send out. That was cruel, Giants. That was cruel.

"Catty" was a pun, by the way.


Giants Minor League Camp Storylines
Since the Padres have all the good players now and will be the best team in baseball history and the Giants major leaguers have never done anything good ever (sentence fragment courtesy of Bryan Murphy), our hopes turn to the minors. What are the big stories down on the farm ("on the farm" refers neither to Stanford nor an actual farm, in case you were confused)? Well, there's Mac Williamson's return from injury, the question of how the younger guys will do at higher levels, and the mystery of whether Kyle Crick can finally track down the elusive strike zone that pulled off a series of daring bank heists last year. You can't hide forever, strike zone. He'll find you someday.


The MLB Fan Cave is dead
Hey, remember the Fan Cave? Remember the thing that the league would show commercials for sometimes, and whenever the Giants were in New York there would be videos of Giants players doing amusingish things with a logo in the corner of the screen that said "MLB Fan Cave"? Well, it's gone now. And so we say goodbye to Major League Baseball's preeminent social media #brand. Farewell, thing that existed. You were around for a while, and now you're not. What a legacy.


Still Pumped from FanFest — and the Series!
Gregor Blanco's back blogging, and among other topics, he's answering all the questions you have about That Play in the World Series. You know which one. Oh, God, you know which one. It eats at your soul. It haunts your dreams. It never allows you a moment of respite from its infernal game of "What If?"

At least, until you remember that if they'd sent Gordon he would've been out by 10 feet. Way to bait 'em, Gregor! They almost fell for it.