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Update: Dodgers trade for Aroldis Chapman in jeopardy after abuse allegations

The Dodgers and Reds almost made a trade involving Aroldis Chapman on Monday, but a shocking report from Yahoo! has likely quashed the deal.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports
Update: According to a report from Yahoo! Sports, Chapman was involved in a terrifying domestic incident in October. The revelations have made the deal unlikely. Read the Yahoo! story for more information.

It's already annoying that the Dodgers have Kenley Jansen. You scrap and scrape to get to the ninth inning down by just a run, and then a cutter-sneezing monster emerges from the bullpen to murder your hopes. It was a lot more fun to face sweet, sweet Jim Johnson.

At least it was a lot more fun. Now the Dodgers have Aroldis Chapman, super-closer, according to Ken Rosenthal. Now they have two super-closers. This seems like it's going to get annoying.

If there's good news, it's that there's the potential for clubhouse turmoil. More so, even.

Jansen is a free agent after this season, and if this cheeses him off enough, maybe he'll leave the Dodgers. Hopefully to an American League team that's 3,000 miles away, if not an overseas team.

More silver linings: Every prospect traded by the Dodgers is a prospect they won't have to trade for a superstar ace to replace Zack Greinke. Those Jose Fernandez rumors give me the willies, man. There's no word on the return yet, but the Dodgers apparently gave up two prospects, with neither of them being Julio Urias or Corey Seager. They'll still be excellent prospects, most likely.

Also, we'll get to bring up Madison Bumgarner's pinch-walk every other week or so. Which we were going to do anyway.

There's no denying that the Dodgers are a little better than they were over the weekend, though, when we could point and giggle at them for losing Greinke to a division rival. I'm not sure if Chapman or Jansen is going to close, but I'm not sure if it really matters. Which is extra, extra scary.