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Jeff Samardzija and Mike Leake are reportedly the Giants' "Plan B"

Instead of one ace, the Giants could get two #3s. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The second you go to pick up your kids, or go to class, or catch a movie, the Giants or Dodgers will sign Zack Greinke. You'll miss out on all the gnashing or celebrating. Sorry about that. If it's the Dodgers that get him, though, the Giants have a Plan B. Are you ready for Plan B?

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Giants' Plan B is Mike Leake and Jeff Samardzija.

Oh, stop. You were against Edgar Renteria and Freddy Sanchez, too. Maybe Leake and Samardzija would bring much needed stability to the Giants' rotation for four or five years. Ayup, four or fiiiiiive years. For both. Just hanging out, good or bad, nearly impossible to remove from the rotation because of their salary.

I don't mind Leake. Not at all. Solid pitcher, good for the middle or back of a rotation. He needs a strong defense and a big park, and the Giants have that. But he might be asking for something close to $80 or $90 million. That's a lot to give up for Healthy And Younger Jake Peavy. You saw him. You watched him. You just weren't that impressed by him. It's not impossible to concoct a scenario where he's not one of the Giants' three best pitchers, and he barely gets a postseason start. Considering the uncertainty in the Giants' rotation, that's hard for a $15 million pitcher to do.

We've talked about Samardzija here, and while he might have been unlucky with the White Sox (or a victim of the ballpark and defense), he just hasn't been very good over his career. The stuff is stellar. Stellar stuff. Some of the most stellar stuff I've ever seen. "Stellar stuff!", said several surprised super scouts. But he just hasn't been very good, apart from 2014.

Would it be better to go into 2016 with Leake and Samardzija than, oh, Chris Heston and Clayton Blackburn? Indubitably. Would it be $160-million-spread-between-two-pitchers better? Not unless you have a precog that could guarantee me at least a spot in the NLCS. That's a long time. That's a lot of money.

So we go back to the first square. Hoping to overpay Zack Greinke. It's an uncomfortable dream, but it's better than Plan B.

Plan B scares me.