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Giants reportedly still involved in Yoenis Cespedes discussions

According to Jesse Sanchez of, the Giants aren't necessarily thinking small for their last outfield upgrade.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

All we have is a tweet to link the Giants to a new Yoenis Cespedes rumor. But it's a good tweet.

Jesse Sanchez isn't necessarily in the rumor business. His livelihood doesn't depend on 30 different "HEARD THIS:" tweets a day. He was the first to break the Lucius Fox scoop, and he was on top of the twists and turns of the Eddy Julio Martinez mess. He's not just throwing rumors to the wall to see what sticks because he feels like he has to, dang it. He always comes with strong rumors.

That written, the Giants aren't one of the two leaders for Cespedes, apparently. The White Sox and Orioles make all kinds of sense, and I could see them getting into something of a bidding war that would leave the Giants out. I'm still extremely doubtful that the Giants would even consider a nine-figure deal, much less pursue it.

But them sniffing around means that they're at least exploring the idea of expensive outfield help. And if the White Sox or Orioles get Cespedes, that's one less team after Justin Upton and Alex Gordon. It would be one less landing spot for Dexter Fowler or Denard Span, much less any of the Rockies outfielders. Here, I made a table. Please acknowledge my table. The only one of those teams that would mess that calculus up would be the Rangers, who probably should look into upgrading from Josh Hamilton, now that I think of it.

Cespedes is a centerfielder like Brandon Belt is a closer, so hopefully the Giants aren't thinking he's a long-term solution there. And I'm not wild about watching him and Hunter Pence age together, considering both are see-ball-and-swing talents who use ungodly athleticism to succeed. But for next year? That lineup would be dastardly.

The hot stove ain't done with us yet, and the Giants aren't necessarily done with the hot stove. Here's a Yoenis Cespedes rumor. Are you not warmed?