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Ryan Vogelsong signs one-year deal with Pirates

Fare thee well, devourer of enchiladas and winner of World Series.

His second World Series trophy (the Giants' third)
His second World Series trophy (the Giants' third)
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Vogelsong debuted in the major leagues 15 seasons ago. He's been traded, released, signed, and re-signed. He's pitched for 12 different minor league teams and two different Japanese teams. He's appeared in the majors in 11 different seasons.

And he'll have appeared with exactly two of the 30 major league teams.

The Pirates announced that Vogelsong is going back to his second major league home, signing a one-year deal. I'm sure all of the responses are very fair and reasoned.

Anyway! Usually when the Pirates make a move for a pitcher, the knee-jerk reaction is to mention their well-respected pitching coach, Ray Searage, as a reason the pitcher is going to have some sort of breakout or renaissance.

Except Vogelsong is leaving Dave Righetti, who is also well-respected and has already presided over the renaissance. The Pirates are probably getting the erratic Vogelsong who was useful in spots that we all enjoyed over the last two years. Considering he's likely to be their Yusmeiro Petit and not in the rotation, that's fine. And maybe he'll get some of that bullpen velocity bump the Giants were hoping for last year.

The Giants signed Vogelsong to a minor league deal in January, 2011. He had one of the most unlikely seasons in San Francisco history, then helped them to one of the most unlikely set of postseason comebacks in baseball history. And somehow, five seasons later, we're just now getting used to the idea of him leaving. Best of luck with the Pirates, Ryan Vogelsong. That was a lot of fun.