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The McCovey Chroncast #6

"Mudd's Women"

"They're still doing the Chroncast?"
"They're still doing the Chroncast?"
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Why won't the top free agents take the Giants' money? Does Buster Posey have something to do with it? Bryan and Doug investigate. They also talk about the oddness of the GM meetings, the uncertainty of Jeff Samardzija, the promise of Jason Heyward, Justin Upton's likely price tag, and play a game called "James Brown or Record Scratch"... what's it all about? You'll just have to listen.

Also, a score update from last week's game, "AAV": Bryan correctly guessed Samardzija's $18 million AAV and was within $1.2 million of Zack Greinke's $34.5 average annual value. Bryan leads Doug, 2-0. It's a best of 5 and the winner gets to write a roast piece on the loser's hottest/worst takes ever.

And, the Chroncast is now syndicated on Blog Talk Radio! Want the RSS feed? Click here. Or, simply stream from the embed directly below. As always, you can download the podcast here. Spread the word!