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The four non-Bumgarner Giants pitcher home runs


Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Pitcher home runs! I like them so much that I've already written a two-part series about the pitcher home runs of just one guy. But there were other guys who also hit pitcher home runs for the Giants this year, and they should be acknowledged too, and not just because it's December and I have to use every idea I've got to stop from rosterbating the Giants into signing Andy Benes or something.

As always, these are ranked in order of Least Most Favorite Dinger to Most Most Favorite Dinger. And we'll start with one that occurred in a game I actually attended (with kdl, and happy birthday to her!)

September 16, Jake Peavy vs Collin Balester

Look, all of these are going to be great in their own way. The best part of this one, of course, is that Jake Peavy is legally blind. When Peavy's on the mound, Buster Posey has to paint his fingers with words like "FASTBALL" or "SLIDER" just so they can get on the same page (Don't worry about guys stealing signs, though. "FASTBALL" usually means "CHANGEUP." It's an unbreakable code). But as homers go, it wasn't especially majestic, it didn't come in a huge situation, and it wasn't against a pitcher of any renown. In fact, I put his name in big font as a header for this paragraph, and you probably can't even name him. I'm not trying to make you feel bad about that, and I don't want to diminish Jake Peavy's accomplishment. He hit a pitcher dinger! Pitcher dingers are fun, especially when that pitcher can barely see the ball he's dingering. All hail pitcher dingers.

September 13, Mike Leake vs Odrisamer Despaigne

Barring a re-signing, in a few years, Mike Leake is more likely to be a wait-he-was-a-Giant than just about anyone on the 2015 team, aside from Alejandro De Aza and maybe Justin Maxwell. And while his pitching wasn't as good as advertised, and for the most part his hitting followed suit, we do have this one fantastic moment. Odrisamer Despaigne has made seven hundred starts against the Giants, and before July, he'd never allowed a single baserunner. So the fact that Leake homered to cap a nice run against Despaigne was cathartic, the homer giving the Giants the lead in the game was a beautiful thing, and the undeniable aesthetic beauty of the dinger was the icing on the cake. The good part, specifically. (Miss you already, Donnie Two-Times)

September 3, Ryan Vogelsong vs Chris Rusin

Sure, the Giants lost this game, in no small part because Vogelsong pitched very poorly, but did you remember that before I told you? I don't think so! What you remember is Ryan Vogelsong hitting his first career homer. Sure, it was at Coors Field, and sure, it was his only highlight of the day, but first career homers are great. And it went to the opposite field, too. I wonder how many pitchers have hit opposite-field shots as their first career home r no Elias you don't have to look that up look guys it's all right it can remain an idle

Aw dammit, I just blew the entire MLB stats budget. Sorry, everyone.

September 8, Tim Hudson vs Chase Anderson

When this happened, I wrote a whole thing about how happy the dugout was for him, and even got four on-topic comments, which is still my all-time record. This was a surprising dinger in a lot of ways, ranging from Hudson's age to the fact that this was his first start in more than a month. But the best part of it is the absolute joy you felt seeing it, which is the same giddiness that you could see in the reactions of his teammates. Well done, Huddy. Well done.

In conclusion, man, what the hell was in the water in September?