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McCovey Chronicles has a podcast! This is the first episode.

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Bryan and Doug talk about all things Giants in the new McCccaast. Also, groug's name is Doug.

bryan irl
bryan irl
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Hi, this is Grant. Just wanted to let you know there's a McCovey Chronicles podcast now! I know, I'm surprised too. On Wednesday, Bryan emailed me and said, "Hey, would you want me and groug to do a podcast?" And I was like, "Oh, sure," and then on Thursday, he emailed me a podcast.

In this podcast, there is talk about Bruce Bochy and Dave Righetti spooning. It comes before the talk of Angel Pagan and Santiago Casilla spooning. You didn't know you needed this. I didn't know I needed this. We most certainly needed this.

You can download the Mp3 here or listen to the embedded podcast below. I guess there's probably something we need to do with iTunes, but I'm sure we'll figure that out in the next couple years.

It's the McCCCcast!